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Click Here#32302 A Merry Christmas Evening With The Lanny Wolfe Trio $12.95

Click Here#32202 The Lanny Wolfe Trio Favorites Vol 2 $19.95

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Click Here To Order#352487 Noel, Jesus Is Born CD $10.95
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Click Here To Order#31404The Lanny Wolfe Trio’s Greatest Hits$12.95
Click Here To Order#31702 The Lanny Wolfe Trio Favorites Vol 1 $19.95

Click Here To Order#31802 TheLanny Wolfe Trio Best of LIVE $19.95
Click Here To Order#30702 The Lanny Wolfe Trio Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy $14.95
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National Music Ministry Conference Mass Choir CD’s

Paradigm is pleased to present the 1st-18th National Music Ministry Conference Mass Choir Concerts along with the three Mass Choir Concerts Favorites—all produced and directed by Lanny Wolfe. The 400-500-voice NMMC choirs were comprised of students from the Jackson College of Ministries, Jackson, MS plus annual seminar participants from all over the country.

The roster of talented soloists including artists such as Dan Dean, Vicki Yohe, Geron Davis, Vonnie Lopez, Jeannie Tenney, Marietta Wolfe, Dave Petersen, Shelton Lovern, Nancy Grandquist, Mickey Mangun, Murrell Ewing, Sharon Haygood, Hector Soto, Nancy Kilgore, Karen Harding, Tim Pedigo, Barbara Keller, Kevin Herrin, John Ragsdale, MaDonna McFall, and Mark & Lori Carouthers, along with anointed mass choirs and superbly talented musicians have combined efforts to produce choral projects that are not only timeless but as fresh today as when they were recorded.


Click here to view all of the NMMC Mass Choir Projects

The Lanny Wolfe Songbook (#50101)

Click Here To Order#50101 #50101 The Lanny Wolfe Songbook

#50401 Lanny Wolfe Songs For Trios Vol I Click Here To Order

#50301 Lanny Wolfe Songs For Trios Vol II Click Here To Order

#50201 Lanny Wolfe Songs For Trios Vol III Click Here To Order

More Than Wonderful

A Brand new inspirational book written by Lanny Wolfe

The Songs – Their Stories and Inspiration!

plus 2 CD’s (25 original LWT cuts)

You’ve sung the songs that have come from the pen of Lanny Wolfe, now be inspired by the stories behind the songs and, more importantly, how the songs have affected the lives of thousands.

Now available (#51702) with 2 CD’s which include Lanny Wolfe Trio original cuts of 24 of the songs discussed in the 26 chapters, along with Sandi Patti and Larnelle Harris’ Grammy-award-winning duet of the song “More Than Wonderful.” A wonderful value; a wonderful gift for someone you love . . . or yourself!

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